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Welcome to Oklahoma's CCA Examination Site!


Congratulations! If the Board directed you to this site then it means you are nearly eligible to sit for the examination. Only Board-approved candidates are authorized to access this site and enroll for the exam.

Special Notes: You may only take the exam 1 time. If you fail the test, then you must call the Board at 405-522-3400 and report it, and pay the $50 exam fee again to retake the exam. This is a legal process and the exam must be paid for each time you enroll. CA certifications will be withheld from users who enroll in the exam multiple times without following this process. As of the August 25, 2014 deadline, all CA's must take approved training prior to sitting the exam.

Attention CA’s: Please know that the CCA examination is designed for a comprehensive skill set. The general baseline as outlined in our study guide walks you through the areas to be covered. Some offices use a variety of modalities, some only use a few, however the exam will test for competency over all of them. This is a minimum standard for those having patient contact as any office could get a new machine at any time. Please make sure you are prepared to be tested over passive care modalities in general as well as the other topical sections listed in the study guide. Thank you!

Ready to get started?  First you need an account. Click on the 'New User' link at the top right of this page and fill out your information. Each CA should have a separate account and use a unique email ID (we use your email address as your individual identification on the site...do NOT use a general office email.) Once you have an account, click on the 'Course Catalog' on the left side of the page to enroll  for the examination (you have already paid for it on the Ok.gov website.
The Board will be notified that you enrolled and will review your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed they will activate your exam and send you an email. You will then have access to the exam under the 'My Enrolled Courses' Tab.

When you enter the exam you will first see an instructions page and a button that says "Start Test" . When you click the button, the timer will begin and you will have exactly 60 minutes to complete the exam which includes 100 randomized multiple choice questions.You must complete the exam in one sitting so make sure you have time set aside and your proctor arranged.
You are not allowed to use books, notes, or open up additional windows on the computer during the examination.

Note that you are REQUIRED to have a proctor in the room. We are including a copy of the required Proctor Attestation form here: Click Here for Proctor Form. You cannot earn CCA status until this signed form is part of your application file.



Good luck on your examination! We are proud of the standards of excellence
that Oklahoma CCA's are bringing to the profession and the public.